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¿Do you need meat of the highest quality? Do you have problems with your suppliers? We process and distribute fresh or frozen Iberian meats for any type of hotel business or for domestic consumption direct from our store. Receive a fully fresh product with a certified quality!

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Ideal for stews and casseroles, this type of cut from the Iberian pork comes from the muscles on both sides of the face. Our cheeks are fresh and of the highest quality.


Our juicy and succulent pork ribs are the perfect combination of bone and meat. They are ideal for any preparation whether oven baked, roasted or marinated. The incomparable taste that the Iberian pig provides will not be lost on any consumer.

Saint Louis Ribs:

Is a special type of rib cut in the Saint Louis style for preparation on the grill, certainly a delicious option for the fans of the barbecue.

Loin Ribs:

Made with the best meat selection, our Iberian rib strips are the perfect choice for any meal. They have a texture and a flavor that make them unique.

Intercostal strip:

This piece of meat comes from the inner sides, it is a very juicy meat epitomizing the quality guarantee that is characterized in all our products.

Top loin:

The exquisite cut of the top loin is a piece that you can find on the front part of the loin of the Iberian pig. Its fat gives it a distinctive flavor that can be tasted in a variety of ways that it is prepared.

Shoulder loin:

Looking for a piece of juicy meat? The Iberian shoulder loin or Presa is what you need. It is a juicy and delicious meat for its texture and flavor offering infinite possibilities for its preparation.

Tip loin:

Ideal for grilling or barbecuing. The Iberian pork tip loin does not contain as much fat. It is from a portion of the back rib, with a lot of muscle fiber.

Shoulder muscle:

is extracted from next to the head of the loin. It is one of the parts most in demand from the Iberian pig due to its unmistakable flavor, a delicacy that does not go unnoticed by any palate.


Cured or fresh, no matter the presentation as this selected piece of Iberian loin is a lean, tasty and allows for any form of preparation.


Is a very tender piece, coming from the bottom of the loin. Its popularity lies in the fact that it is a very versatile piece of meat in the kitchen, an outstanding delight.

French Rack:

Roasted or babecued, the Iberian pork chops from the rib area, a delicious selection of flavor that is ready to cook.

Belly Bacon:

A fatty part that provides an intense flavor and that makes it an indispensable ingredient for the preparation of different types of stews.

Back Fat:

With a characteristic flavor and aroma, Iberian loin bacon, coming from the upper area of the pig, is ideal to give a great flavor to different types of culinary dishes.


Extracted from the lower part of the head, this 100% Iberian piece has a particular flavor that sets it apart. You can enjoy their consumption whether fresh, salted or cured.

At Distribuidora Jarota de Carnes we produce beef, goat and ovine products that are sold in various presentations (carcasses, half carcasses, 6 way cuts and all different types of cuts with and without the bone). Although our forte is the production of frozen meat for export, we can also provide the product refrigerated.
For us, the quality of our products is fundamental. We are endorsed by Halal and IFS certifications.

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